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And your constantly on my mind...

Ahh yes, The Trials and Tribulations of Charlie :). Alot happened since my last entry. Some things good, while others I'd prefer to never think about again. I think I stopped writing in here because it depressed me. I just sat and reflected on everthing bad going on, and that's no way to deal with reality. I'm not one to dwell too much.

So I've been out of school all week. I think I have tonselitis. Eek, that's no fun. Tonight is Neptune's niggas!!! I love Neptune's. I'm bringing Andria (hi love!) and.. maybe Gage? I dont know. So, tonight should be fun. I'm hoping I'll feel a little better. I'm done writing. No riddles today boys, my deepest apologies :)

I. Heart. You.
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