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And another day passes.. School was okay. I keep getting more and more behind. Little by little. Just not doing work, it's not that big of a deal. After Sprink Break, there are only 6 more weeks left for us Seniors. Wow. So soon. I can't wait. Spring Break started. woo-hoo. Too bad no ones around to spend it with. Elliott and Wes are leaving on a cruise saturday, and will be gone the whole week. Gage is too much of a pessimist prick to even stand, and you, are gone. Read my mom's reponse to your e-mail. I still don't like how she responded. She's being too defensive of me, but I guess that is a mother's natural instinct afterall.. In the stuttered words of Charlie:
I jus...
I just hop..
I-I just hope you come b-back. lol. sigh
I work all weekend.
Your not here.


You have no idea how much love you's and miss you's mean to me right now. That's what is keeping me going.. I feel on the verge of tears ALL day, literally. Just that 'feeling' you get before it happens.. I never knew what this was like.. to truly miss someone.

I'm sorry for being so glum, I know you want me to be happy. I know... and I try.. try.

Well, it's about 4.. time to get ready for work.. i kind of look forward to work (as scary as THAT is), gives me something contructive to do and keeps my mind off everything..

Like I said, this is my journal to you..So check it out often..I'll let you know how I'm feeling and whats going on better than I might be able to on the phone... Call me tonight, please?

Have fun..
I love you Andria
- Char
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