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A judgement was made before the jury even showed up. There was no deliberation. Anything out of our 'box' is unacceptable. If the whole word thought like you, there'd be no one left, thank god we are intelligent enough not too. There are different types of intelligence, mind you. Not to say you all are not intelligent, just different. True intelligence is devoid of judgement at first sight. Observations, considerations, and ability to distinguish diversity among people or things is true intelligence. Smart minds dont dismiss at first glance. A genius sees through the shroud...he doesnt act as one.
Their's a viscious cycle that begins when you dismiss someone at first glance. All of their efforts go on deaf ears. Any gesture is shrugged off, and any fault is magnified. Soon enough, the dismissed starts doing the same. Why should any effort be made if their is no reaction? Would you be trying to read this right now if you were blind? All I have to say is thank you for making yourselves people that I would never want to be associated with.
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