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La de da

I feel so much better now that we actually talk like we used to all those months.. Things seem much more stable now. I am begin to accept the things you have to do, and I know I'll see you soon... Whether I go there or you come here, it will work out.

I am still bothered by your consideration of starting over. Afterall, it is only a consideration, and we all have to at least 'consider' something.. I have nothing to worry about.. but it bothers me that you even did consider... I think you had to..? I was just under the impression you always wanted this to work... I know you do.. I know I do..and we have to make it so.. :) You're always #1 in my heart... Nothing can replace you.

It is all I want, and I am going to make this work. I am not going to give you up, ever, I love you, and love is something that CANNOT be wasted. I'm trying, I really am.. I need to figure out what I am going to do with my life though.. I want to be with you, deperately... We will just have to see what happens in the coming months..

Love you my dearest!
- Char :)
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